October 27, 2011

30 weeks

i am 30 weeks today.
i had an ultra sound today because they were measuring me big and wanted to see if I was big
i am not
sometimes it is just the way the baby is positioned
i was breech until just recently
it has a big head so there for it was up near my ribs and causing the measurement to be bigger
i am a little disappointed, i knew that i wasn't having twins just a knowing inside of me, but was really hoping for an early date on this c section.
nope measuring where it is supposed to.
i am 30 weeks, measuring 31 cm, and baby is about 3 and a half pounds.
baby is head down and happy.
heart rate has been 150-160 ish every time.
and very very active

it is approximately 8 weeks ish to christmas.
so it is just over 8 ish weeks till this baby comes.
i feel like it is a long ways away when I look at my body and try to get off the couch easily, and walk up stairs often (we live in a 4 level split). seems like forever from now.
but then i think 8 weeks....yikes we have no place to put this kids crib, i don't have the new born clothes out yet, i am not done christmas shopping, or my fall cleaning and the basement reno.
i get overwhelmed easily sometimes....especially when the hormones aren't normal.... feel sorry for Jeremy when i go through menopause and have nothing to show for it in the end....at least now he gets a cute kid out of the misery.
i was hoping to have this kid before christmas so that i would have more time with Jeremy at home. doesn't look promising....oh well.

i got a really good picture of the babies face on the ultra sound....it is late and will put it on here tomorrow.
we are all sick here except for Zandria ....how did she get out of it...i don't know....lucky girl.

oh and just a heads up that Jer plans on high jacking the blog for a post so stay tuned for that...may have to do with Haiti .....not sure.

October 18, 2011

large and .....in charge???

large, yes that is me. i have been asked what my due date is and then i tell them and then they proceed to ask me if i am having twins. this happens about once every two weeks or so.

i thought wow i must be really big. oh well, i can still sort of bend down and pick something up. then jeremy took a picture of me with out my knowledge....wow am i large.

if i were every one else i would think i was about to pop and would not believe i had another 2 and a bit more months until my estimated time of c section. not even my due date.

i have been checked if having twins at 10 weeks. i had my routine ultra sound that said one baby that was extremely active.

well those of you who have been pregnant may know that they measure you, and in an average normal pregnancy the measurement from your pelvic bone to where they can feel the top of your uterus to be should equal the amount of weeks you are.

well last tuesday i was told i was 28 weeks....you see third baby means not keeping track....thank goodness the doctor does :). ok sorry back to 28 weeks, but i measured 33...yes most people will not stay to the average...but 5 above is crazy.

so i have an ultra sound next week. crazy thing too is that my ob wants to do it herself. never heard of that before. makes me wonder what is wrong with me.

i have just concluded that i am large and my dr is in charge.

both jeremy and i are hoping that it is miraculously healthy twins...but if that doesn't pan out then at least the c section will be moved up to before christmas.

so yeah i am here not super comfortable and large, but ok.

Ps....3 more sleeps. :D

October 16, 2011

funny boy

starting off with the funny boy that is my son.

friday and this afternoon i have gone to my friends house for a meal. the first time we were there elias told me he had to go pee, but i didn't fully hear him in time and he didn't know where to go so we had an accident. today again there we were there playing and he said he had to pee, well zandria was in the closest bathroom so as i ran him upstairs he peed....yikes. oh well kind of an excuse. then this afternoon, they were sitting at the table having some nuts for a snack. he turns and says mommy i have to pee, i tell him ok lets quickly go upstairs to the bathroom. he doesn't move and says he has to go pee, but doesn't move again and just keeps eating. i yell at him and he turns and looks at me as he pees on the chair. I ask him why and he tells me that he was eating....ggrrrr. well needless to say I think the 3 accidents could have been prevented, but the ones at my friends house was understandable....new toys friends and not knowing where the bathroom is. but at home with nut snack in had just ignoring it is not ok.

Funny boy

Today was a better day than yesterday was.

the morning was still pretty bad....we have somewhere to be every day of the week...it gets tiring for all of us.

this morning at church something was off with me....i didn't hear from jeremy at all yesterday, i didn't sleep well at all, and i am pregnant and hormonal. every time someone asked me how it was going or mentioned haiti i started bawling. like my friend jess said it is just funny and it was. i had no control over it. it was also hard....i don't cry often and for sure not in front of a lot of people. so yeah....i mostly blame it on the lack of sleep and hormones.....i usually have one really bad break down every pregnancy and it seems that today was the day for this pregnancy. jer will be glad he missed...lol

i am better now. i had a lot of fun at my friends for lunch so that helped relax me and jer sent me a message in the morning cause Internet was down last night. the message made me cry then it made me feel better.....emotions are fun right now :P :b

October 15, 2011

one of those days....made worse

alright i will start off by saying that today has been a rough day

since zandria has started school by friday she is tired. almost over tired by saturday
by friday elias is missing zandria and can't stop pestering her.
by friday i am ready for a morning of sleeping in and nothing to do out of the house
saturday rolls around
we have put our kids in swimming lessons on saturday mornings....what were we thinking...well i know exactly what we were thinking. elias has never taken swimming lessons before so we wanted him to be with a parent for the first time and since I don't look flattering in a swim suit and jer is just over all better with the kids in water we had to schedule it for a saturday to make sure he was there. no point in bringing the other child a different day so yeah spend an hour and a half every saturday morning at the pool till mid november.
again back to the rough day.....
so we are all a little edgy on saturday mornings and it is usually alright but today elias was whinier than ever and zandria was dwaddly(a word? not sure). and i was by myself when i am not used to.
we leave the house and the whining stops to the point that i even let them go to the library after for a bit, but then we come home....yikes.
at 11 am i suddenly start thinking about bed time. YUP bed time.
so after contemplating i decide no nap early bed time.
went out of the house to get some paint to paint my basement and the non listening boy and all of his whininess comes out at the store. I couldn't even get my head around what kind of paint samples i wanted to take home to check out. i was sooo cranky and soo was he.
got home ordered pizza cause that is what i wanted and the kids weren't giving me any other ideas . then elias brought out his i don't like that cry/whiny voice to everything including water. I said fine whatever.
then at 7 i said ok time for jammies and i will read books to calm everyone down. well elias wasn't having any of it. and fought all of it so he wasn't allowed to read books....so the tantrum ensued....yup worst one ever...surprised he still has a voice left.

we are all used to having jeremy here. I am glad he is where he is...but we missed him today and tomorrow is going to be no different. hopefully we all have a good sleep.

October 13, 2011

link to the haiti blog

so jer is giving me personal up dates but messenger on facebook

but I thought you guys would be interested in reading the church blog that our youth pastor(who is in Haiti with Jeremy) is updating.

really interesting

New Haiti Blog up: http://wp.me/pnPor-w5

October 12, 2011

woo hoo

well i put elias in waffle underwear for the night last night
bed was dry this morning
he was dry this morning
i even had to with hold cereal until he went to the bathroom....don't want his cereal to get soggy half way through
it was a fight but he went and he went good
soo proud of him
we are officially a diaper free house for the next 2 and a half months

WHAT 2 and a half months......yikes
wow not sure i am ready.

October 11, 2011

hearing more of me

over the next 10 days i am pretty sure you will be hearing a lot more from me

my husband is out of the country

jeremy and i have some what gotten used to out of town work for him

this past summer he was gone for 8 days straight at one point

this trip he is on is only 3 days longer

why will you hear more of me?

i have no real contact from him for the duration of the trip

when he is out of town for work we typically text each other once or twice during the day

and talk every night

he has no cell phone

limited internet

i didn't think it would be this hard when i told him i was ok with him going to Haiti

he is in Haiti right now

the plan is to build a wall

he has wanted to go ever since our church has chosen to partner with a mission organization there called Haiti Arise

it came up that they needed strong capable guys to come for a minimal cost to help build a wall

2 weeks before the dead line and 6 weeks before the trip he asked his boss for the time off

even tho busy the company couldn't let him pass up this opportunity

i was so excited for him....still am

i am soo used to winding down my day talking to him

i miss him and he just left yesterday.....lol

was thinking today when the last time i didn't talk to jeremy for more than a day or two was

the summer before we got married jer was on a camp ministry team called impact i was at the youth farm bible camp

we talked on the phone 3 times in 6 weeks that summer

exchanged some good old fashioned letters that summer

after that communication was intact from then on at least every day or every other day

that was just over 10 years ago

TEN years

so that is why you will be hearing more from me in the next 10 days

need an outlet to get out what i need to say

if you don't want to hear don't read lol

Ps on a different note elias is sleeping in underwear for the first night tonight so we will see

October 10, 2011

5 weeks is a long time

wow it has been 5 weeks already since i wrote about the hell that is potty training my son

well for some reason unlike most kids he would not let me completely give up for a time
he would suddenly start telling me when he had to pee
he would wake up dry
he would refuse to wear a diaper or pull up
sooo frustrating cause he didn't always tell me when he had to pee
and never, NEVER told me when he had to poop
thought i was going to loose my mind

then about a week and a half ago i went to toys r us to pick up some baby stuff that was on sale that i needed i went and picked up a pack of diapers also
his response was 'those mine??'
i said 'no those are for the baby. only babies wear diapers, big boys wear underwear and poop on the potty'
'oh' he says
i asked him if he was a big boy and he said yes so i told him he had to poop on the potty
so he did
only on the small potty for the first couple days
oh i should mention that i was still bribing him with hot wheels cars at this point
then this last saturday he decided that only the big potty would due
he has been dry for over a week now
dry about half of those nights
and i still here wondering why i didn't by baby stuff sooner.....like before his 3rd birthday
oh well i think this was just the right time