February 14, 2011


The A'Zambezi is the next place we went.
It is located about a 10 minute car ride from Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side.
We stayed here for five nights I think... can't remember, but had a hard time getting it straight while we were there...sooo yeah.
We loved it here. Jer and his family had come here on vacation when they were doing missions in Zambia. I think it would have been wrong for them not to have gone when they were sooo close.
There was a lot to do around here.

We were some what greeted by these guys. I thought they were ugly, but a bit cool....but I was wrong....they are the most delicious meat I have ever had. I am drooling thinking about it as we speak...I want some now.
The hotel, or resort I don't know which it would be called, is on the A'Zambezi River. Just a two minute walk from our room and this is what you could see...it was beautiful.

This is the restaurant....I can't remember the name of it...I read it once when we ate lunch there. That was the only time it wasn't a buffet. Buffets are not the same there as they are here. They have some side dishes heated and waiting for you to serve yourself, of course salad and fruit laid out too, but the meat is prepared to be cooked in front of you to your specifications. It was great.

Yup all outside. During suppers they had a drum type music group playing in front of a little bond fire in the middle of that big opening. SSOOO COOL. Us eating breakfast. Yup it was also a buffet. Omelet and a lot of fresh fruit and juice, oh and a lot of fresh baked pastries.

The pool and the coral around the pool. On the last day that we stayed here Jer was missing the kids soo we went swimming and noticed twin boys swimming, Jer decided to ask them to play with me. They didn't speak english, but their mom did soo she translated for them a bit and had a lot of fun playing with each other. Those boys really like Jer and his games. Soo fun. Loved swimming in this pool. View of the pool from our room.

View of the river from our room. Sooo beautiful there.

Restaurant again.

Hehehe. The cheezy Christmas display. There may or may not be at least one more like this ;) Jeremy didn't want me to take the picture but it was fun and awesome to me. hehe
Sorry I completely forgot to take an actual picture of our room. It was nice but a little uncomfortable....two twin beds shoved together.

February 13, 2011

Lilayi Lodge

This is the first stop on the vacation part of this trip.
Lilayi Lodge is a place that Jeremy remembers going when his parents had some sort of meetings with MCC. He never spent the night, he thinks he went swimming, and he remembers good food and animals that wonder around.
We spent one night there....it was soo fun to go swimming, and just hang out.
This is Jer standing on the wall in our 'cabin'.

Still standing on the wall. Here you can also see the cool bed with the mosquito net....Lets just say that I left home thinking that we had an uncomfortable bed....NOPE....and foam mattresses suck and I will never have one by choice.

The 'cabin' was pretty cool. It was round. It had a thatched roof....oh the allergies that night YIKES. Very cool none the less.

The plants and flowers around the lodge ground was beautiful.

Me in the door way of our 'cabin'.....hahaha you can see how puffy my eyes are already...lol... SO worth it though, and would do it again...maybe just bring more and stronger allergy meds.

Jer had noticed these HUGE thorns on a tree and had to take a picture. Being the good Canadians that we are we just kept thinking how great they would look with hoar frost all over them....haha yes it was 25 C and we were thinking of frost...lol

*These thorns are about an inch or more long... We don't have an SLR soo yeah.

This is the marvelous swimming pool with the main lodge that has the bar, restaurant, conference area in it. Soo beautiful.

They had a nice table and chair set sitting under a tree....we were thinking that on a really nice day, or really any day you could get your lunch there...we didn't...found that there were a fair amount of bugs here later in the day. Another beautiful view of the pool and beyond the trees in a river...Jer and his dad went exploring the next morning and saw some monkeys and birds and such down there....I didn't see much.

Ok soo I didn't see much when we were there, but we did see these bush bucks on our way out. They were soo cool....I loved the stripes and the horns....sooo different.

Oh yes and before we left Jer had gotten is international drivers licence just in cast the other two drivers were too sick or something.....Well on our way out of Lilayi Jer wanted to at least have that experience. The worst road we drove on the whole time we were there....It was a standard and Jer got into 3rd gear like twice in a 20 min drive. SSSOOO bumpy....soo surprised I didn't get sick sitting in the back seat. lol