February 28, 2013

an update but not

it is an update but not.
i have a lot of pictures and stuff to say but have yet to find the time to say it all and the patience to figure out the pictures.
it was just taking forever the other day and i just didn't think i had the time
but i felt the need to put it out there that Ronan has what they are calling his year cf check up tomorrow
it involves chest xrays, and blood work
xrays a year ago was alright...he screamed, but whatever
the blood work was bad a year ago....they couldn't find a proper vein and after the 5th try they went and got the guy that is really good at doing babies and he got what he needed in one poke and 10 seconds later.....so how do you ask for the big black lab tech please....not so politically correct. 
anyway just wanted to stay if you pray please pray. 
i am stressed about the whole situation and it just hit me yesterday that the results could be bad also....yesterday was not a good day.