December 28, 2010

meal time

so i don't tell him it is time to eat

he hears me making supper, or lunch

it could be an hour before we actually eat

and this is where he will be until we eat

sucks for him when it is something he doesn't

he gets soo disappointed

ps africa posts to come.....yeah you heard me postS.

December 6, 2010

See You Later

11:35 we take off tomorrow
i am excited
and miss my kids already and they are sleeping upstairs

we finished packing about a half hour ago
we will finish cleaning tomorrow morning

we are not bringing our laptop to the other side of the world
there is not much chance of the internet anyway

this is see you later
see you in three weeks probably....or soo

if i don't get back to you before christmas....
merry christmas...may God bless you as you celebrate Jesus birth

if you think of me please pray

thank you for sticking with me

December 2, 2010

One week....


we are in lusaka
we are out of a plane after 2 and a half days
we get to shower after 2 and half days
we are warm and wearing shorts
we are truly on vacation

just over 4 days until i leave my kids for 17 days
i have had discussions about communicating with my kids while we are gone
we have decided against it
i know my kids and know what will work for them
i know there are those out there that disagree
everyone does this different and every kid is different
please don't say anything to me personally
i am done being told i am evil for not phoning my kids.
nuf said!!