November 28, 2011

34 weeks

so i am 34 weeks

went to the doctor on friday knowing full well that we would be setting the date of the scheduled c section and fully prepared to beg for it to get done before Christmas

i did beg and may or may not have shed a few tears(i am hormonal)

but to no avail

we are scheduled for the 29th of December but i am still waiting confirmation from the hospital

there are a lot of reasons why it stayed on this date.....main reason is that my doctor has her reasons for what she does and i can't deny them, i trust her and she is one of the best doctors in Saskatoon. if you want to know more about what she said then i can let you know if you want to know just ask.

i must admit tho that she did give me a way to have it before Christmas and that is if i have an amnio(sp?)

NO there will be no big needles in my belly. i can wait if that is the case.

so now that i know the date and most of it is set i am nesting like crazy

hoping all the stairs will make it come early but highly unlikely.

well shall get more info on here as i know more.