November 24, 2010

beneath it all vs bodacious

this all starts back in april before i had a blog

i hate bra shopping
i have had a lot of trouble finding a bra that would last for a while
i asked on facebook where people went bra shopping and where i should go
the consensus was beneath it all or bodacious
funny thing about it is that everyone that commented is on the other end of the spectrum then me: i have a broad rib cage and small boobs
i decided that i would try both and give a kind of review
well here it is

beneath it all

i went here first
i walked it and was the only one there
they measured me over my clothes
then went and found me some bras to try on
i was looking for something with no padding and one with padding, i usually don't have much trouble finding ones with padding, without is the problem
so she tries a couple
then someone comes into the store and i almost get forgotten
she comes to tell me that my only option is one with padding
i pick the most comfortable and buy it for-
$ 60.00
i am not used to that price
i am used to wearing sports bras or la senza when pregnant and bigger
so i ask how long a bra is supposed to last
if worn on a daily basis 4-6 months
she was right on that
the band stretched and the padding is squished at almost exactly 6 months
which was this month
so that leads us to.....


so i walked in there
there was one other lady in there but two workers in there
the lady measured me with my clothes on, but got me to move my bra at certain points and my arms to get good measurement
she was also writing it down
i asked what happens to that paper
it gets put into the computer for later reference when you come in again
so she gets me a couple of bras
i let her know that i wanted an unpadded comfortable bra-still formed but no up lift
she bring one just to see
she now understands why i hate bra shopping and go and gets a bunch more
she checked every single one i put on and showed me how to "fluff"
we found one that fit IT FIT
i decided to challenge and say that i didn't really like the straps
(they had laced leaves lining them :( )
so she went hunting
and came back with like 6
out of those 6 2 fit....
so now i have a choice of 3 i tell you THREE bras
i have never experienced this without being pregnant
so i let them know which one i wanted and they said that was great
also that they would write the other ones down on my card for when i came back to know which ones fit me well....
i just about hugged her

i hate bra shopping and i had a good experience
i got the bra paid for by my mom for a birthday gift
it was the same price as the last one i bought ($60)
but i would have paid more myself for an experience like that
and probably will in the future...
good by la senza and any where else.

PS they have a referral program sooo if you want a card i got one for you

November 23, 2010

Two weeks......TWO WEEKS....

two weeks
two weeks till we leave
last week i was stressing about packing everyone up

this week i am excited....
two week till i can be warm again.
it is cold here

my anxiety over leaving my kids has gotten to be a lot less
i know there are people praying for me
and my worries

we are half packed
the kids are not packed at all, but they still use all that needs to be packed
jeremy has started to take his malaria pills
i am taking a different kind, less side effects
jeremy has a international licence
we will be renting a vehicle there soo need extra drivers and i am not one of them
got our visa credit card

need to get cash yet
need to get some extra SD cards
need to find the extra battery for the camera
need to get the power converter
need to get some air plugs
need to get through the next 2 weeks

i am excited for the first time
i feel confident in the people that are watching my kids
i am happy that they get a break just like we do
but will miss them like crazy
we need to get some surprises ready for the kids while we are gone


two weeks till i am warm
(can you tell i don't like to be cold)

so much on my mind
but this is all that is coming out

November 17, 2010


i have always known that my daughter was not the most normal kid=
she is small, or should i say petite
it took until she was 8 months old before she was on the growth chart for weight
she was sitting and crawling at 6 months old
she was walking.....NO.....running at 10 months old
opening door handles at 16 months
128 percentile for height at 2 years old
as tall as a 5 year old when she is just about 3

but i thought that everything else was running along the normal line
i think that she learnt her abc's at a good rate and still knows them
she has had no problems at all with having a younger sibling
she has hit everything else pretty normal

SOO here it really is:
is it normal for a basically 4 year old girl to fish for compliments??
at least once a day she says or does something i can tell she does or says very deliberately to me or around me and then she state something like..."i am smart aren't i mom?" "i am a good helper aren't I ??" " that was good dancing wasn't it??" ....and on and on.
sometimes i only get one a day, but the other day i got at least 5 or soo
is this normal???
should i worry about her self confidence
should i worry about her self esteem
should i be stopping her some how
what am i doing wrong
am i doing something wrong

i worry about this because i am afraid that my self esteem or lack there of is rubbing off on her
i know it could happen
just scared for her
and for me for dealing with her
i love her and want her to be the best person she can be......


November 9, 2010

4 more weeks

at this time in 4 weeks i will be about to get on a plane for an over night flight to frankfurt germany.


that will be the beginning of a great adventure for me

first i have never left my kids for more than two night
which was a stretch for can ask jer

second i have never left home for more than 12 days

third i have never peed on a plane or bus
we have 3 overnightish flights there and 2 on the way back

fourth i have never been to a country where i will not understand the language
went to belize but everyone spoke english unless they didn't want you to understand and even then it wasn't to often

fifth i have never wanted to see animals (on purpose) not in the zoo

there is soo much that i don't want to list anymore
i do like change, but this
i don't know
maybe it is cause i am not doing it with my whole family

i am excited to go and see so much of what is in jers memory
and childhood
i am excited to experience soo many fun thing
but i worry also.

i. am. a. worrier.

as we get closer you will probably hear more and want me to shut up about it

November 6, 2010


so we are sitting here this evening watching the football game.
jer is watching while also reading sunday school
i am sitting there watching and thinking is it bed time soon(for the kids not me)
zandria is who knows where in her room i think
elias is playing on the couch with his trucks, cars, and tractor

suddenly we "cuse me" from elias
we both respond "you are excused" (my kids require that when they say it otherwise they repeat it until you say it.)
he ignores us
we here "cuse me" (oh forgot to say that that is excuse me)
we look over and say "your excused" again
jer goes back to what he was doing
i look over to figure out whether he is burping or farting
he has a hand on a car looking at his tractor
his tractor was in his way
he was saying "cuse me" to whoever was driving the tractor
he realized after saying it twice that he had to switch over and move it himself
so he did
and then everything was good.

oh the imagination
where does it come from
Love it.