May 11, 2011

Victoria Falls Part 2

***I accidentally put all these pictures in the opposite order than I wanted to....opps. ***

So this is a flat spot on the Zambia side of the falls where you can see where the water flows over the falls. Really cool to see. Love the mist coming up.

From where we were standing we had a good view of both bridges. The smaller on is called the knife edge bridge. The further on is the bigger one that Jer did bungi off of. The mist on the knife edge bridge was pretty moist. Jer said the last time he was here you walked off that bridge soaked all the way through. Sooo cool.

Soo many more rainbows on the Zambia side....Zandria loves the pictures of the rainbows. (We took lots.)

So big and beautiful

This is from the knife edge bridge...from the edge of it and my camera still got a little wet.

Love the guard rail hey....haha.

Knife edge bridge. I don't have picture to show it, but the rock under it kind of comes to a point kind of like a knife edge....hence the name.

These guys were on the path that was around the falls. They would not move. They were grooming each other, would look up and get a bit cranky that we were there, but would not move still. They were soo cute tho.