June 2, 2010

Who said tv was bad for kids

My kids watch TV. I know that a lot of parents try to not let them at all. I think that I would go insane if I didn't let them, let alone nothing would get done in my house cause Zandria is at the stage were she does start to get bored and I would have to entertain her some how. Well I love Sesame street. I grew up watching it and I let them watch it every morning. They have changed it a bit, almost more educational. It is great and they both love it.

Well the other day we went on a long walk, the type you have the twin bike stroller along cause you know she won't walk the whole way. Jeremy found this feather as we were walking and gave it to Zandria. She took it and was quietly walking for a couple of minutes and then stopped. I asked her if she was coming. Her response was..." Mommy I have to put this back in its habitat" holding the feather up. "Umm well Zandria I don't think we can do that right now we have to keep walking." I commented in amazement back. I was walking in stunned silence while Jeremy tried to explain to her that the bird that lost it didn't need it anymore, sort of like when mommy cuts peoples hair off and throws it in the garbage. The bird just doesn't want it any more. Well we continued walking, as I said to Jeremy she is probably just repeating a word she heard, I am not sure she even knows what it means. Literally a minute after I said that she saw a bird in a tree and said this..." I have to put it back in its habitat, there is the birds nest in the tree. Can I go put it in there?" Jeremy and I just about lost it laughing in amazement. She knows exactly what it means. WOW. Jeremy explained it to her once again. This time I think she let it go.

One thing that they do on Sesame Street is they pick a "word on the street" and focus on the definition of this word and saying this word in different situations. She used another word that day, humongous. What 3 year old uses that word. It makes me laugh to just think of these big words coming out of her mouth. lol

There is a lot of TV out there that is not good for them too watch. I am very picky about what they do watch. It has to be educational or really really creative and imaginative. A couple of Zandria's favs are: Sesame street, Word World, Sid the Science kid, Martha Speaks, Rollie Pollie Ollie, Koala Brothers and of course one from when I was a kid again, Magic School Bus.

So I disagree with parents that say all TV is bad for kids. I think that my kid proved that wrong. You just have to be picky about what they watch, and not too much at a time.

I love my little girl. I think that she will be ready for school when she is 4 (birthday in December), what do you think???

June 1, 2010

Bad Mom

So I feel like a bad mom, but I did not take pics of Zandria at her first dentist appointments. Yes appointments. Her 2 year old molars have undeveloped enamel. She had one bigger cavity in one and two smaller ones and one didn't have anything yet, it just needed to be built up. Well I am not one to take her soo I wrangled my mother in law to go with her and sit with her as she got everything done. Well I must say that the combination of a good dentist, a brave little girl and me not being there with her resulted in a good experience for all. Her dentist has three kids and one her age, she new how to handle the situation. Zandria was just amazing. Yes she cried but what kid wouldn't there first time with that shining light and all those tools that make noise. Yes she even laughed I was told. Not sure whether it was funny comment that was made or the laughing gas that they administered through the "bunny nose". My point in this whole thing is that I feel like a bad mom. I couldn't and wouldn't stay with her during it all, plus I forgot to take pics for the little bit that I was there for. I do feel better at the fact that she did have a fairly positive experience. I just don't so well with things in my mouth or anyone else's mouth, especially needles.