January 28, 2012

1 month

1 month ago i had my third baby and very well my last

it seems like forever ago

to the point that i think that he should be bigger, or maybe i just think too much about the cf and the fact that most infants with cf are small and grow slow

he is not

he is a month today

birth weight was 7lbs 12 oz

1 week old was 7lbs 2 oz

2 weeks 7lbs 7oz

3 weeks 8lbs 1oz

this week monday(which was 8 days after the 8lbs 1oz measure) was 8lbs 14oz

he gained a little more than twice what the doctors were hoping he would gain

he is awesome

one month and i am done being able to pump

Ronan takes two bottles a day with his vitamins and saline solution

up until a couple of days ago i could pump and then top up after and all was good and a miracle

not anymore

with my other kids i could never pump at all and i got over it quick

i am not a cuddly person and nursing is something that i don't mind but don't mind to give up either

i never have been able to nurse past 6 months

Ronan needs the best head start to a great immune system as possible and nursing is one of the best ways to give it a good start

i feel like i am letting him down, i know it sounds crazy but it is the way i think

his stomach gets bothered more with the formula also so i am really hoping his weight gain continues and that he can digest formula as easily as breast milk

i am not done nursing, i will continue, but i can sense the decent to formula happening

on a different note

Ronan rolled over today from he tummy to his back...TWICE.

it is crazy but he is strong

he is such a good baby.

on a totally different note again

Elias has been sick for 5 days now.

diarrhea and vomit

please pray for healing

I don't think he or I can handle much more.

January 22, 2012

The Real Ronan Isaac

We have a beautifully perfect little boy named Ronan Isaac

he looks like his brother Elias Derryk, but more like his dad Jeremy

he does not have the nasty cow lick his brother and sister Zandria Elizabeth Nettie have, but he also has less hair

he does how ever have his grandpa's,dad's and brother's colouring....yellow...they keep thinking he has jaundice...never heard of a 3 and a half week old with jaundice

he is smaller in size then his brother but bigger than his sister

he has long toes and long fingers... it has been commented that fingers don't belong on feet

he has one dimple on his right cheek just like his brother

he likes to eat...but not enough to wake up every three hours

he likes to sleep

he smiles often in his sleep

he only cries when he is hungry or uncomfortable due to gas

he likes to look at bright things like lights

he is not a fan of his car seat or of wearing hats...that is like his sister...she hated hats

he loves LOVES bum pats

he hates HATES to be naked...that includes diaper changes

he seems to really like his siblings so far

he is feisty...stated by the doctor that helped birth him...he was screaming and kicking even before his head was all the way out...hasn't changed...he lets you know what he thinks when he thinks it needs to be heard

he loves to be held and is often

He Is Perfect

He has cystic fibrosis

he will live his life differently then my other children

but we are not sorry...so neither should you be

his is perfect just like my other children

God made Ronan Isaac perfectly the way God wanted him and we can't wait to get to know more of his personality as he grows

God made him Perfect

January 13, 2012

Life as we know or knew it??!!!??

Life adding a third baby is not much different then I thought it would be. Constantly dealing with an overly helpful, independent 5 year old and an impatient loves routine 3 year old, and a great baby that likes to sleep and eat. Tired and loving it. We love our life.

Yesterday life as we knew or know it changed forever.
We got a phone call from my doctor....Ronan's new born screening had come back. His IRT testing for cystic fibrosis had come back positive. They did a second testing in the hospital that included genetic testing also. That came back positive.
I broke down. My perfect baby is flawed. NOOOOO.
Today we went and had a sweat test done to confirm diagnosis....it came back positive. We had a lot of people praying for us at that point. As I was sitting there listening to the nurses and such talking I wasn't crying for the first time in 24 hours and knew everything was going to be ok. God is in control. He loves Ronan and has a plan for him and us through this disease.

CF is a respiratory disease that is a lack of a certain enzyme in the lining of the lungs. The lack of that enzyme also leads to digestive issues also. They think this is part of the reason that Ronan is 2 and half weeks old and still hasn't reached his birth weight....but that doesn't say much...Zandria was the same way...my kids are just that way....lol.

So our life is going to change more than we thought it would. We do not know exactly what it will all entail yet....but we know that it will be a change and challenging at times. We know that the first steps will be vitamins and a saline intake. There is a CF clinic at RUH and a whole team of professionals to help make this easy on us and to show us that this is not the end of the world.

We know that we love our little boy and so does God. God has a plan and we have faith in His plan.

January 12, 2012

He is here


DECEMBER 28 2011

4:30 AM

7lbs 12 oz

21.5 in

I was scheduled for a c section on the 30th of December. But my blood pressure had been up for the last couple of weeks. I had been monitoring it and still am. On the 27th in the evening the bp was not going down. Usually I sit for an hour or so and it goes down. It didn't this evening. So long story short we found someone to watch the kids seeing as the grandparents were out of town, went to the hospital and after dealing with a resident dr that needed to learn some bedside manner and a long wait with not much sleep we went for the c section at like 3.