May 26, 2010

Just call me referee

Well I don't know what made me think that I would never get to this point, but I was almost to that point. Elias will be 2 in September and Zandria will be 4 in December. Up until yesterday they played soo well. They would share and play and talk and cooperate. Well that went out the window yesterday and today. I thought yesterday was just a fluke. I thought that they just had an off day. NOPE. Today was worse. Non stop. I felt like a referee. What sport not sure, sometimes hockey breaking up a fight, soccer at times counting down similar to handing out yellow and then red cards, and sometimes both when I actually do have to give them a penalty, that would be a time out. I did not enjoy today. But hey I don't see it ending anytime soon. I will just have to brush up on my reffing skills and hope and pray I don't have a headache like I did today.

May 25, 2010


My Elias has learnt in the last couple of weeks the word no. How and when to use it. I hate that word. Are you hungry...No, do you want to play with me....No, do you want to eat chocolate...No.....wait ....some...some. I don't like that word. Then there is the word mine. For those of you that have watched Finding Nemo, you will understand when I call it the seagull syndrome. Mine mine mine mine. Zandria comes near him and it is Mine mine. That is all hear out of his mouth. Mine Mine. No No No. Mine Mine Mine. No. I am soo sick of hearing it. I hope this stage ends soon. Oh and what makes it worse is when Zandria gets a bit bored and think Hmm I haven't heard those words in a while. Then she goes and tries to take his toy or whatever she needs to do to get him to say those words. Then she giggles or just gives that grin like haha I did it on purpose and got the response I wanted it. IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

May 10, 2010

Talk...Talk... and more Talk

Ok so again I am by myself. I do not feel bored and lonely like last time. Well no I am bored and lonely but am not having a pity party like I was last time. I think that I started this blog because I am a talker, Jer isn't here to talk to about just about anything that comes to my mind so I started a blog. haha. I am sorry to all who thought it was something else. An up side to it all is that my life and mind are pretty full of stuff that surrounds my kids, which are supper cute.

Let us start with Elias..... Lately he has shown us a part of his personality that would describe him as purely mennonite. My wonderful husband went and got me one of my favorite things in the world to eat. He went and got me a couple of almond croissants for breakfast and the kids got muffins and a couple of fruit pastry things to share with him. Well Elias looked as this all and flipped out. We offered him all three things for breakfast. Nothing would do. I finally said well should we give him some yogurt, one out of three of his usual breakfast foods. Needless to say it was what he wanted. It was all about routine. He also had a granola bar, which is what he usually has with his yogurt. Then just now I had to go and calm Elias down for bed for the second time, I was trying to figure out what the problem was. He has been doing this for the last 3 or 4 nights and it is starting to get irritating. So I thought about it and I had washed bedding on thursday of last week. He didn't have his regular bedding so I pulled out his regular blanket and put it on him. hahaha and that was the trick. He went right to bed. haha. Such a mennonite. Change is something that Elias is not a fan of. We have always seen him as a happy easy going kid, and then he pulls this out. Yikes. We are in trouble I think.

Ok so as far as mothers day goes. I had a really good weekend. My kids made me some pictures and cards, and my husband got me some good breakfast meal. YUM. I would post pics of me and my kids, but I don't have any. I don't like picture even with my kids. So yeah sorry.

Zandria is in birthday heaven. There have been alot of birthdays recently. She is all about cakes. Jeremy's birthday is coming up on saturday and Jeremy has been trying to prep her about the fact that he is not going to have any decoration made out of icing on his cake. She says why and he explains that he wants a cheesecake and that icing does not belong or taste good on it. She just does not understand. The cake is vital in her mind. One of the birthdays that is coming up that we are invited to is her friend Libby. She loves Libby. The first thing that she asked when I told her about the party was "what kind of cake" which means what is it going to look like. We found out that it is going to be tinker bell. Well this is exciting but not as exciting as talking about what her birthday cake is going to look like in just over 6 months from now. hahaa. She is such a cutie. Birthday crazy. At her friend Rylan's birthday Rylans mom said ok lets start to sing and Zandria started everyone off with "happy birthday". She can kind of keep a tune too. Then there are birthday cards. She could spend like an hour int he card isle at superstore. She loves it. I love her because she loves and because I totally don't. I hate birthdays, well no I hate my birthday, love everyone else's. haha it usually involves cake and icing. haha.

So that is enough for tonight.
I am sorry if this annoys you.......just don't read again. haha.

Until my next rant and/or something interesting happens in our house .... talk to you soon.