November 24, 2012


Alright.....I am giving warning right now.  Seeing as it is the consumer buy stuff time of year this is a post about stuff and money.  Stop reading if you don't want to hear my opinion. 
Well it is Christmas soon.  the title of my blog would lean everyone towards me talking about what is going on in my life....nope talking about stuff we buy and stuff we have and stuff as a country that we don't really need. 
This past week was my birthday.  I hate my birthday. I do not like the attention or anything like that.
I don't like money spent on me.
I have a lot of stuff. I am spoiled already with out it being my birthday.
but my husband likes birthday, it is in his family and his DNA really
For my birthday I wanted one thing....a pair of jeans that fit.
I have not had such in like 2.5-3 years.  I have started to lose weight so I thought it was time to go out in public in something other than yoga pants.
I hate jean shopping. 
I would rather go bra shopping and bathing suit shopping in the same day and then have to clean my whole house instead of pant shopping. 
but it had to be done.
I found a pair of jeans that cost a A LOT....but they fit and that is hard for a bubble butt like I have.  I wish I could have fit in the cheaper ones....I tried :(
As we were in the store I asked my husband if he saw anything he wanted.  He used to shop at this store when he was in high school and living at home. 
He said no....he was kind of disgusted at the price of things just for the name brand.
He decided that he would rather just get a good brand that fit him from Costco. His thinking is what got me to think about this post. 
There are a lot of people out there that love designer clothes...same clothes as other places, same quality , but it has that name on it. 
I have done the test with lulu lemon.....they suck.  My Costco yoga pants didn't pill as quickly and I found them more comfortable....but that may be the style that I had. I will never buy another pair of lulu lemon yoga pants for $100 when I can buy better washablity ones from Costco for $18. 
When I found the jeans I bought I was flabbergasted by the price....but Jer said I should treat it like the experiment I did with the lulu here I am testing out silvers. 
We used to be at the point where there was no bloody way that that was an option.
we were saving for a house a reliable vehicle and kids.
We have worked hard...Jer working his job and working working when I could but my contribution was mostly budgeting and being very smart with money and name brand clothes were not even an consideration. 
Financially our world is sucking it up right now. 
a lot of my generation and/or a bit younger assume that they need to start off at the same level that their parents are at when they move out. 
It took our parents hard work to get where they are....why would it be any different for us....why don't we have to work hard and put in our dues. 
and then there are the other type that do work hard, but squander their down payment for a house or good car, or saving for kids on name brand clothes and top of the like electronics and the most up to date in decor for their rental.....
It is the time of year for consumerism....I do take part because I am a gift is a love language of mine.  but I also don't ever spend more than I have in the bank...I don't take money out of saving for kids only get one thing from us....along with a new Sunday outfit for Christmas. 
my kids have a lot of clothes....most second hand and no name brand other than gifts
my kids don't know the difference and when they do...I will teach them that there are some clothing that are worth it and some that cost that much just for the name and that is not important.
My husband wears Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein jeans from Costco that cost no more than $28.  If I fit into some of those I would buy them....
Money runs the world.....God rules my world
God loves me....and provides what i need when I need it...a house to live in, food, a van, the clothes we wear. 
I have turned into a hermit for a couple of reasons...and this is one...
there are too many people that complain about not having a reliable vehicle or a house that they own...but spending ridiculous amount on their kids clothes and on their clothes in some cases.
I am not perfect with money and in a lot of other ways...but i don't think I am careless with it 
Sorry if this offends you....but it was on my chest and I had to get it off.
and I will get back to you about whether I see silvers as worth the money.