March 15, 2011

Boat Cruise

* warning got frustrated with formatting soo I gave up and published it anyway....sorry.

When we were staying at the A'Zambezi we were trying to decide what to for touristy stuff. The boys booked their bungi jumps, Lorne, Derek and Kiera booked a helicopter ride, and then the boat tour. lol. Derek and Kiera had seen a sign for a booze cruise boat, Jer and I had choosen to go on the sunset cruise, and Lorne and Evangeline (my parent in laws) decided on a supper cruise. lol. You guessed was all the same thing. It was about an hour or two before sunset(jer and I ) which was right around supper time(Lorne and Evan), and they served a snack and drinks(Derek and Kiera). lol It had it all. It was sooo much fun.

Ok soo it was like +17-22 soo to them it was cold. Yet they still were out there to drum us off, shivering and everything....kind of cool

First view of the hippos.....I soooo wanted to see the hippo. It made me sooo happy.

Can't remember what this animal is called....but looks like a regular deer.

Hehehe I was the first one to snap a picture of the open mouth of the hippo. There was a guy on the boat with us that was a little out going....I think a little drunk....or just his personality...but pretty sure it was the alcohol. He wanted to get a really good picture of the hippo but he couldn't focus enough to do it, but his daughter did....which he said was "just alright". lol

Don't know what kind of birds these are, but they looked cool


The sky was amazing....I have SOOO many pictures of the African sky...couldn't get enough. Always changing.

Jer and his mommy. Oh the guy in the white is the guy that I mentioned before....we just called him the drunk Zimbabwe guy. He was soo funny.

Yup I took this picture for real....every time I look at it I wonder if I really took it....seems surreal, like something that you would only see on TV or the Internet.

This is the mist from the falls....very visible at time, and like I said before it is only the beginning of the wet season. Jer said it gets huge later on in the rainy season.

Sunset. AWESOME....need I say more.

This showed up shortly before the sun completely disappeared. God is good and His rainbows are spectacular. God is Good.

March 7, 2011

Victoria Falls Part 1

**WARNING: this post has a LOT of pictures, but could have had a lot more :)

So Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is very wide and falls into a river that flows into a gorge. So the falls and this gorge form a T.

The falls are kind of divided by the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. We went to both, both were a bit different but both utterly beautiful. This is Zimbabwe.

Our first view of the falls.

Good view of the "guard rail" and the mist.

This is a statue of David Livingston. He was said to be the first white person to discover the falls and name them. On the Zambia side there is a large city not far from the border named after him....Livingston. Kind of cool to read the story...can't really remember it.

Some of the view points were just gorgeously framed by some of the jungle like trees....the amount of moisture from the falls causes jungle like vegetation.

Jer taking a breather hanging on a vine on the path. With the mist from the falls it is like jungle vegetation.

Love the rainbows

I wish you could hear it...soo loud....sooo amazing

Jeremy being Jeremy.....kind of fun tho.

Look at that much some times that we couldn't use our camera. This is only the beginning of the rainy season, so there isn't as much water as there would be in April.

Yup crazy people fishing where the falls come down.

95 meters, but the highest point that we saw was 117 meters I think...can't remember but have a picture some where :)

That wood there is the "guard rail".

The mist

Soo loud.....soo pretty.

Notice the guard rail

Jer never thought that I would go this close to the edge, he had to take a picture. If he hadn't taken a picture not sure I would have believed him. I just couldn't help my self. I have a huge fear of heights. It was just sooo beautiful and wonderful and God is sooo amazing that I just completely got fascinated that I just completely forgot about the fear. It was awesome.

The mist. The sound. Beautiful.
Thank you Lord.