July 19, 2011

It's True....


if you are a friend of mine on facebook you know this already...

but i didn't fully believe it myself

almost a full six or more weeks ago i announced on facebook that i was expecting again

i was only 9 weeks


if you know me i don't tell people until after 12 weeks or later

we had a family wedding

had a really really cute dress to wear that still looked good and fit pretty good(especially in the chest....lol...)

Jer had me try it on

he laughed

claimed it wasn't because i looked like a fat clown

but because he said there was no way anyone would not notice the belly

what I am only 9 weeks

so we had to tell people figured family should know before they just see me

a week after the wedding i had an ultra sound to see dates and if there was only one

there is only one and my dates are dead on

I was a little disappointed....i really wanted twins, but God has granted me with my 3rd miracle

I still didn't fully believe that some one really lived in my belly right then....she didn't let me hear the heart beat, just see it. that ultra sound was when i was 10 weeks.

this past friday i had my 15 week check up

i heard it!!!

it is true!!!

a heart beat of 155

i am pregnant and am having a baby

due jan. 5th but will have a c-section before the new year

zandria is very excited, but will only love it if it is a girl.....we are working on that

elias is excited and tells me my belly is chubby, and that there is a baby in there....oh and that it is a boy....

we will see.

but yes it is true next year we will be a family of 5. :)