August 30, 2011

potty training

how i hate thee
zandria didn't catch on until a month before she turned 3
not by me not trying
i tried every couple of months since i thought she was ready shortly after she was 2
she just wouldn't tell me when she had to go, she would go when taken but would not tell us
soooo frustrating
then we decided that it was time to get her to poop on the potty, even if it took all day sitting on the potty.....well that is what it took
she pooped and then she was done, other than the very very rare accident
i thought she was difficult
elias is difficult
we have been trying off and on since he was 2....same as zandria
he refused.....most kids say no i can't or no i don't want to.....nope he says nnoooo i won't ....NO I WON'T.
kid seriously do you have to be sooo stubborn....honest but stubborn
again i tried every couple of months or so
nope no luck
then we decided no more diapers...pull ups or underwear.
after like 3 days of mess all over my house...mostly the bathroom we insisted he just wear the pull ups and we go on his cue.
side note about the bathroom thing.....for 3 days he wore underwear cause he wanted to most of the time but he wouldn't tell us soo i would send him to wash his hand for any reason and he would pee all over the stool and the floor....a little took me 2 days to realize that the running water was making him pee. so i had to convince him to go pee before he washed his hands at any point. hilarious.
anyway nothing clued in with him.
so we tried bribing him.....nope
so i tried what my aunt suggested.........i let him pick out underwear and buy it put it on him and if he poops in it he has to throw it out.
well he picked a pack of plain ones and a pack of mc queen and a pack of elmo ones.
the first time i threw away a mc queen one and he didn't clue in.
the second and third time was just plain ones soo it was whatever to him
then yesterday was the fourth time
he was wearing elmo
we spent the weekend with one of his friends that is a bit younger than him and this little boy peed on the potty all the time,
so elias decided he would do that too.
yesterday there were no pee messes, but he decided he needed to poop and didn't tell me.
yup cleaned him up with a shower(he hates showers)
got him to put elmo in the garbage
he came back inside and said he was very sad.
i proceeded to let him know that i was frustrated and that if he would poop on the potty instead of his underwear then he wouldn't be sad , i wouldn't be frustrated, i wouldn't have to give him a shower and he would get chocolate....the kids loves chocolate.
we put a pull up on for bed.
today he insisted on underwear
we went to a friends house, to the mall and home
no messes
bath time at 7 and still no messes and he told me when he had to go....but he didn't poop
bed time and he didn't want his pull up on....ummm it is bed time
i pull out the water proof sheet and let him wear what he wants....just a little nervous to wake up to poop
he didn't do that today you know
he turns 3 on Thursday....i just wanted to get him trained before he turned 3
oh the humour
i still hate potty training
hope this third one isn't harder than the other 2

August 22, 2011

over half way

yup... half way there.

i had my just over 18 week ultra sound the other week

it was interesting seeing as the other 2 kids came and Jeremy

also this is the first ultra sound that i have had in a different was different

i didn't have to hold my bladder or worry about that at was great

so i lay down and try not to lay flat cause that makes me want to puke

the technician complained about that but hey do you want me to puke all over your equipment

then she got me to half undress assuming that she would need the skin to move around on

well that wasn't needed

it made it worse that she spread the goop all over my abdomen too

she put the wand on my belly and didn't move it more than an inch in any other direction

she got a view of everything that she needed

heart, arms, legs, kidneys, lungs, brain, head....everything

she said to me at least 4 times...."can you not feel it move"

she couldn't believe i couldn't feel it, but i couldn't really feel it at all

oh well

she took a lot of pictures and a lot of them turned out better then the one she gave us

but her aim was to give us one that was the whole baby

not a great picture since in never stopped moving

i made a comment "reminds me of my first pregnancy"

she then asked "so i have always wondered are they that active when they come out?"

i just said "has she sat still for a minute while we have been here"

she said "ok that answers my question"

oh joy another one

So now it is just over two weeks later

i am just over 20 weeks

i am about a week over the half way mark seeing as i am having a planned c section at around 39 weeks(earlier if i can convince her)

that movement that i didn't feel at the ultra sound is getting to be a lot

oh yeah and the ultra sound showed that it is also breech

so far i don't think it has turned

still feel most movement just above my pelvic bone

my bladder is feeling like a trampoline

i have to pee suddenly and often

at first Zandria said it was a girl and Elias said it was a boy

in the last week Zandria has changed her mind

it is now a boy

we will see