April 26, 2010

So much to say.....

What do you do when you have too much in your mind. I feel like I need to say it, or write it, but the only place I have is here, but you won't be interested. What to do??? Well I am soo sorry, but I am going to spill what my mind is thinking on here right now. I am soo sorry if you just don't care........So this is your warning that you may not want to continue.

Ok so I had no idea how smart a three year old can be. So we were at one of Zandria's friends birthday party, she was playing with some of the gift bags that were given. She was also colouring some pages that were ripped out of a colouring book that was received by the boy. She decided to put a picture in each bag, but did not have enough pictures for all of the bags, so she asked me to rip out some more. I said no she could just put the colouring book in there. She proceeded to almost throw a temper tantrum, but I stopped that. She stood there quietly for about five minutes or so while I talked and then she asked me if she could colour some more. I said sure and opened the book for her to colour. She looked at the book and then at me and then at the book again. Then she started to rip it out, I stopped her and told her to just leave it. She said no and started to rip it the rest of the way. Then she coloured for a minute and then put it in the one remaining empty gift bag. I honestly didn't know that a three year old could problem solve like that, and for that matter be so particular. I was shocked and proud at the same time, or and very annoyed that she got her way.

Now for the next thing. I am at home right now by myself, well the kids are here but they are asleep. I am the only adult here. I have been at home by myself now form Monday to Thursday for the past two months now. I know that I don't have a choice. I know that no matter what kind of a job there are always out of town trips. I know that Jer likes his job. I know that it pays the bills and give me an opportunity to stay home with the kids. I know that it could be worse. I miss Jeremy a lot during the week, but we do get a three day weekend every weekend. I have a hard time having patience with the kids. Some weeks the patience runs out on Thursday morning or afternoon. Other weeks (like this one) I struggle to get to supper each day. On those days I just try to figure out how last week was so different or sometimes even how yesterday was so different. It is just so weird.

Our street is closed. Our water main are being serviced in some sort of way. We have pipe lining the street and is annoying to drive over to get into our driveway. Plus when driving you have to dodge a lot of material, equipment and workers. But the up side is that it keeps the kids amused for a while.... Elias a lot longer than Zandria. They are loud also. Oh well at least it is getting done properly. They are saying it could take till mid July. That is a Long Time.

Oh the stuff going through my mind. There is sooo much more, but I am getting tired and I want to go to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow is more relaxing then today, or at least more productive.

Sorry to all of you who read this and think oh she should stop complaining, or oh this was boring. Well I did give you a warning so deal with it. haha. I just needed to "talk".


April 21, 2010

I Love Road Trips.

I really do love road trips. I like driving some where. There are no people around me that I don't know, I have control most of the time how fast we have to go and what happens in the vehicle. I just really enjoy road trip.
Well yesterday the kids and I packed up on a mini road trip to go and see Jer in North Battleford. We were going to go and have supper with him and then hang out for a couple of hours and then head back after bed time. I have done this once before and worked out great. Yesterday was different. On the way there I stop for Tims and got some timbits while there. The kids had two each and then Zandria got bored so I gave her another snack which was all good. I gave the same thing to Elias thinking he would complain otherwise. He did, but he didn't eat it. Ok whatever. Zandria got bored again so I turned on a movie for her to watch, and Elias was content to play with his truck. Around 20 minutes outside of North Battleford it happened. I heard Elias cough and then I looked in the mirror and slammed on the brakes. He was vomiting. So I opened up the van door and he looked at me and then proceed to vomit some more. It was a mess. I cleaned him up and then continued driving, praying the whole time that he was done. (This next part is gross but weird and has to be said) He hadn't puked up all that he had eaten for lunch only some of it. So weird.
Well we made it to Jers hotel and Jer cleaned him up the rest of the way in the hotel room. Elias was in a great mood, no fever, no grumpiness, lots of energy, he was fine.
So we have come to the conclusion that Elias might have a little bit of car sickness or motion sickness. We have never noticed it before , but then again he normally hasn't eating this much while in the van. I don't know if that is the only reason, but we are pretty sure that motion sickness was his problem. He even ate a big supper. We did take precautions and get some motion sickness meds for the ride home. We did not have any incidents on the way home.
I love road trips. I can't believe I have a child that can get car sick. This just sucks. But I guess if I still want to go on trip I just have to plan a bit more time so we can stop to eat and let it process a bit before taking off again. Oh well got to do what I got to do.
It was an eventful five hours, but whatever I will probably do it again.
I love learning new things about my kids.

April 14, 2010

Princess Play

Some people have asked me if I regret having my kids so close together. First, I don't think that 22 months is that close, would have liked it closer. Second, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have been waiting for the day when they would really play together. Don't get me wrong they have played together for awhile, but it has been mostly Zandria amusing Elias. The other day Zandria decided to play dress up, and Elias wanted it. Zandria picked an outfit for him and he let me help him put it on, and they truly played together. I loved it sooo much. Jeremy Can't wait for these pictures to come out at his wedding. lol.

He makes a really cute princess.

When they want to they can share really well.
You know you say share too often when it is in the top 10 words your 19 month old says.

Love it.

That is as good as it gets. I have such a hard time getting him to look at the camera without being like an inch from it. haha. Zandria on the other hand is a girl that loves the attention of the camera.