July 25, 2010


So interesting, so fun, so hard, so long yet so short.

A couple of weeks ago a lady got out of her vehicle on circle drive and got hit by a semi. Her life changed, Jeremy's co-workers life changed, so did Jeremy's to an extent. I knew her. No she would not be that type to do it on purpose, but I do not know for sure. All I can do it pray that she didn't. Life can be gone in an instant. Why only God knows and is in control. Only if everyone knew and believed.

Life can make people do crazy things that are not good for them. People seclude themselves. Why no one knows. They have their reasons that no one knows. All you can do is think of them and pray for them. Then life is gone once again.

So hard to understand. What to think? What to feel? What to do??

July 2, 2010

Camping with a girlie girl and a scaredy cat.

So last weekend we went to the lake. My parents and some of their friends have fifth wheel campers permanently parked up at Piperl lake. It is a small fishing lake. It rained off and on the whole weekend. We didn't have to battle the bugs as much with the rain, but yeah didn't do as much as we wanted too.
Elias didn't like the change he is a home body. Plus he is scared of pretty much anything that is new to him. Can you imagine him camping. SSSOOO Whiny. But we endured and had a good time.

Elias got a new truck before we left. He had fun with it in the rain.

My parents love to fish. They bought Zandria her first fishing rod.

Here she is practising her casting. My dad had to watch so he didn't get hit in the head, but she got ok at doing it.

Then came the real thing in the boat. She had soo much fun reeling it in. The boat was a new thing for her to, but she loved it.

Elias on the other had did NOT like the boat. Did NOT like the life jacket. The soother was given to get him to stop screaming when the boat was moving. When we weren't moving we took it off (he wasn't going off my lap if he could help it so I wasn't worried) so that my brother didn't get too ticked off. On the boat ride back he actually didn't scream he just whimpered a little. Maybe next time he won't cry at all. Not likely but we can always pray.

So Zandria and my dad gave up on her rod and moved to his. It was still the same, he casts and she reels in. Well on like the third or fourth cast the got a bit. She saw it right away and got excited, until it splashed up close to the boat.....she dropped the rod and just about jumped over the windshield. Thankfully my dad is not stupid and had a hand at all times on the rod thinking that her letting go of it was a good possibility.
This was about as close to it as we could get her and it lasted just long enough to get the picture. We did throw it back though.

Well a couple of weeks before one of the other couple met this fox. He came to find something to eat and keeps coming back. They seem to find it fun to feed him and keep him around. Here my dad is feeding him a hot dog. He would eat pretty much anything that you offered. We had fish for supper Saturday night, not ones that we caught, and he had the nerve to go up on the table to help himself. My brother got a good pic. I missed it though.

Hahaha. so this is a picture that got ruined by Elias running up wanting to pet the "puppy". Yeah I don't think soo.

They had soo much fun seeing some thing new.

This was not the only wildlife that they got to see, but this is the only one that I was quick enough with the camera. They also got to see the typical squirrels, eating and fighting over the peanuts that my parents fed them. They actually use a old fishing rod to fish for them.
We also saw a wood chuck. It was surprisingly tame and we got quite close. It was a good weekend. Would have been better without the rain and the bugs, but still good. We will go camping again, just don't know where yet, but it will be with our girlie girl and her princess fishing rod and fear of fish, and our scaredy cat who is afraid of everything new, except "puppies".


Sorry it has been a while. It has been really busy around here. We have finally got some nice weather in between the rain. The kids have wanted to spend alot of time outside, and people have wanted thier hair done. Sorry.
Since it has gotten nice out Elias has been able to wear his new jammies that are shorts. Well he was still awake at 9, so we went to lay him back down and found this. He thought it was soooo funny, but I wonder if he could have done it again. haha.

My kids and I have discovered that ladels and serving spoons make better and more durible then most sand shovels.

My daughter is a girl. She loves to dress it. She picked her clothes, and she knows that she can't go out with out her hat on, and it is very rare to see her in our back yard with shoes on.

Zandria's hair is frustrating to me right now. At about this time last year it annoyed me too. At that time I just cut off the stuff that bugged me and then made it look like it was on purpose. lol. This year is even more annoying. She won't keep anything in her hair that will keep her tangles in the back under control. SSSOOO I tried this. This took about an hour or a little less to do. I had the tv on so she was occupied. She loved it and asks me to do it all the time. The best part is that we can get away with leaving it in for about a week at a time.

This is the after. She liked that too.