March 1, 2013

Todays appointment

today was his appointment that i have been dreading since his last appointment 
the one that involves putting him in a tube for x rays and poking him with a needle to get 5 viles of blood.  
more frightening than actually doing those thing physically are the results. 

on monday I mentioned to a friend that works at the hospital that I would be there today and she should stop by and say hi.  well after I get Ronan registered and halfway down to x ray i run into her and she informs me that she is going to hangout with me for duration of his appointment. 
This gave me such relief. Someone to help keep my mind occupied while we spend a lot of time waiting. Thank you soooo much. 

Well here are the stats 
Weight-24lbs 7oz
Height -29.6in (not much but fine. He did a lot last time)
His x rays were great. His lungs look awesome. Dr said pretty much equal to someone with a mild cold which is very good. :). 

I got to talk to everyone but the dietitian which is who I really wanted to talk to but that is ok. She had a family thing that she had to be at. We didn't get blood work back yet but the x rays is what I was afraid of. If things weren't clear then maybe nebulizers or something more to add to the routine. I am so relieved. 
God is good. Thank you so much for your prayers. I felt them and with the help of a friend I felt comfort. And so did ronan. Haha. He is soo funny. They put him in the tube for x rays and face him towards the wall he screams. They turn him to get his side and he can see the x ray techs and quiets down right away. He just wanted to see someone. 

It was just a good appointment. Thanks. 

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