October 23, 2012

New Look-----update

my new look
what do you think??
I am in a dark mood lately
don't think it is the weather....not sure what it is, just like the black.

I am feeling very discouraged
Ronan is doing ok, but seems to not be normal
I know I know...he will never be normal, but they said we should try to treat him and everything thing about it as normal as possible
it is hard when you have a constant fear of colds and sickness during cold and sickness season
I am also almost at the end of my rope for Jeremy working out of town
we were not as prepared for this stint as others
from what we understood is that most of this bid was going to be in town
Jeremy has been working and staying out of town now since August
pretty sure he will be out of town till Christmas or a little after
if Ronan needs to be on Tobi again I am not sure I will survive

Now to his update. 
Ronan had a clinic appointment on Friday
last month-21 lbs 2oz
70.2 cm
This clinic
21 lbs 12 oz
71.6 cm

That last number is the part that worries me
the less weight gain is alright considering he had a stomach puking thing a week and a half before
the height is dependant on the day and whether Ronan decides to stretch out or not so don't super take that into account
that last number they like to have at minimum 92, but Ronan has never been lower than 98
what has changed?  what can i do to help this? 
I did ask this and they just said it happens
there must be something that i can do

I have recently done some searching for cf related blogs
I would love to find some other people that are doing this too
but I don't feel comfortable doing this in person....I have recently taken up the hermit lifestyle, not because of sickness....just sick of people I think....I don't know really
yeah so I have search it...and come up with a lot of interesting and informative cf blogs
but they are all from the states....they do things different have different drugs at times and the such
so if you know a Canadian blogger that has cf or a child with cf I would love info
my real go is to be in correspondence with someone via the Internet
i did meet another mom in the hospital but our kids aren't allowed to play with each other  and i still am a hermit and just love to text, email and tweet.

well i have to try to find out where i can go to get our whole family the flu shot and Elias his 4 year shot.....do you want to hold him twice...i don't
harder than you think considering there are flu shot clinics all around but we need the other immunization and also need Jeremy there to help hold him down.  he is strong

Well since i am a hermit i am hoping to write on here more regularly. 
thanks for reading and feedback on the new look would be great. 


Mrs. Wilson said...

I've been feeling dark, too. I'm sorry you are, too. And that you are a hermit. I will try and find another Canadian CF blog for you.

Q&L said...

must remember to pray for Patkau family!! i think i'll put a note in my kitchen.