September 6, 2012

Life, It is a bit crazy.

****warning a little whining from this point on so if you don't want to hear it do not continue****

life has started to pick up a bit with school starting
in 2 days we started everything
last week thursday we started another round of tobi (the inhalant antibiotic that he was on for the month of june) we also started an oral antibiotic to get rid of this bacteria
and since this is the second time with the bacteria we are trying to make it stay away be doing it for a bit longer
so twice a day i take 20 minutes to do chest percussion and another 20 or so minutes to nebulize
and he has a bit more of a cough this time around....seems like more flem so i am trying to remember and make time to do an extra percussion in the middle of the day
when we all have to be out of the house by the time i drop zandria off at school it is a busy morning
yesterday was the first of said mornings
zandria in school(gr 1) elias in preschool and ronan and i heading to costco
we did it
all of us dressed clean and ready to go
in the evening zandria had her first music class....she loved it...can't wait to play the piano more
this morning was different
i had to show so i got up half an hour earlier than the day before
the kids woke up about the same time
but everything was a little off
at 8:20 when we are usually in the van and close to driving away i was just done nebulizing ronan
so that means that he is not fed yet and not changed yet
the other kids are and so i get a half bottle ready for him and i bring his close along and his cereal
did i mention that i had my women's bible study this morning
yep as other ladies were entering i was sitting at a table and feeding my baby
before signing him into the nursery i changed his poopy diaper and close and gave him his oral antibiotic
oh and did i mention that zandria was about a minute from being late....we- no I hate being late
i hadn't met her teacher yet and still haven't...a little annoyed
that brings us to tonight
zandria gets to start tidal wave
she is going to be one tired girl
so we started grade 1, preschool, music class, bsf, and tidal wave all in 2 days
oh and forgot to mention that jeremy is working out of town so i am single parenting it from monday to thursday
all you single parents out there deserve a medal and a holiday or even just a good nap
you are my hero

oh and i just wanted to mention the only reason i think that i have had even enough energy and sanity to get through this week is deep water aquacise(sp??)
my friend and i started doing it like 7 years ago when we didn't have kids and lived close to each other
now she has 2 kids and i have 3 and she started a week or so before me be asked if i wanted to join......yes please
it hurt but a good hurt....i missed it and missed the exercise
it felt good and helped me in a lot of ways....we are hoping to keep it up and go at least once if not twice a excited....want to join us?? 


Mrs. Wilson said...

Yikes, lady. YOU are a superhero.

Q&L said...

Must pray for u more, only Jesus can sustain you!! :)