December 10, 2012

Last clinic of the year

So Ronan had his last clinic of the year before he turns a year
I was very nervous as we have had colds in our house and his O2 absorption was a bit lower than usual last time. 
Well here it is:
weight: 22 lbs 12 oz
height: 29.1 in
that puts him at the 87-95 percentile
O2: 99 (woo hoo)
he had a throat swab done but they haven't called to tell me anything and it has been over a week since we saw that is good. 
He also got his first of 5 RSV shots. 
he got one in each leg at the same time. 
they didn't expect him to be as strong so had a bit more bleeding them usual cause he kicked and moved.  He gets another dose on the 21st. 
he got stuffed up and snotty a couple of days after but is doing ok can tell when he hasn't got enough sleep. 
I will do a full update on him around his birthday. 

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