January 13, 2013

One year

Sorry i am sucking at this blogging thing. 
I have a lot of blog posts I need to do, but won't get to it till after we are back from vacation
yes vacation without the kids to Cuba thanks to my parents...
Well here it goes. 
Ronan had a clinic appointment on the 10th
weight: 22lbs 13oz
height: 30in
O2: 99
Enzymes: 3 for a big meal 2 for small\snacks
He got a cold over Christmas and is on a antibiotic to clean up a cough that he had over 2 weeks.  pretty sure the extra mucus collected some sort of bacteria.
4 days into the antibiotic all of us except Zandria got a stomach bug
The stomach bug and the cold caused Ronan not to really gain weight, but he got taller.  Because he didn't gain weight but got taller he looks a lot skinnier and more like the other kids. 
Now on to the one year part.
Yesterday was the one year mark of when we got the phone call from our doctor. 
Bad parent that I am I couldn't remember the exact date until my mother in law reminded me that it was probably on the blog....sure enough there it was.  The day was no different than any other day as of late.  Percussion, food, nap, lunch, nap, percussion, supper, bed time.  Praying that he doesn't have to nebulize and that no one in our house gets sick.  Side note: my 6 year old and 4 year old are just coming to realize that not all babies get enzymes and percussion and nebulizing.  They thought all babies got that for a long time.  lol 
Over the past year we have nebulized twice and been on oral antibiotics 3 times.  I really don't know if that is a good year or bad.  I haven't really talked to any other parents or people with cf from Canada.  I read a lot from the states but they do things very differently. 
Health wise I would say he is doing very well considering how much sickness is floating around this year. 
We love him dearly and pray for him to stay as healthy as possible. 
Please pray for my in laws that everyone stays healthy and safe, and that everything goes as smoothly as possible.  That everyone sleeps well.  :) 

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